Tottenham vs Arsenal 2-2 draw. SON Captain, are you going back to the side now? The mood-changing muk-tui striker is expected to be at the front line
“A Match 68th Goal” Ji So-yeon X “A Match Debut Goal” Lee Eun-young & Jeon Eun-ha…South Korea sweeps Myanmar 3-0
Last-minute attraction Freeman’s double, Acuna Jr’s 40-40
Toti and Maldini to Korea after 21 years! It’s a legendary match!
“I want a gold medal to get out of the military service”…Overseas soccer fans said, “The power of military service exemption is scary.”
After winning the 2021-2022 championship as the fourth batter captain, Yoshida Yoshida of Boston said, “I watched the Orix game for three consecutive losses in the league, the strong pitching staff is impressive.”
‘180 billion fraud’ → Resurrection of a soccer genius?… ‘Strong performance’ as Barça’s ‘core’ with 3 goals and 1 assist in 2 games
Morocco U-18 team decided to participate in Seoul EOU Cup due to earthquake damage, “Please pray for us”
“I have to throw away my 30-60 T-shirt” Acuña No. 38 and 39 guns explode, the first 40-60 in history
Hoylun-Amrabat too? Just harsh comments on freshmen…Tenhach agent suspected of excessive involvement in recruitment